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The Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) is an international partnership of governments, companies and civil society. The objective of EITI is to improve the transparency and management of revenues generated by the extractive activities of natural resources, such as oil, gas and minerals. For this purpose EITI has established the EITI-Standard. Membership in EITI is voluntary.

Access to the EITI internet website.

The EITI Standard

The objective of the EITI Standard is to increase the transparency of payments made by companies and received by governments. All companies operating in an EITI implementing country must disclose information about taxes and payments, and member governments must disclose the amount received by the companies. The figures are published in an annual EITI country report and verified by an independent Administrator. The country report is subject to approval by the EITI Board (the international board).

Civil society is engaged as a participant in the design, monitoring and evaluation of the process, both on a national and on an international level. This ongoing process of reporting, reconciliation on the data and public disclosure of the information allows citizens to understand and compare the amounts and revenues received by their governments. The disclosure of the resource revenues supports a public debate on how the country’s resources are allocated and managed. The government needs therefore to actively promote the public debate with support of the civil society.

EITI Implementation

Download the EITI Standard.

EITI STANDARD_EN_11July_0 Visit the interactive guide to the EITI Standards
_________________developed by Revenue Watch Institute.


Download the EITI Business Guide Download the
to learn more how companies can “Implementing EITI for Impact” Handbook
engage and benefit from the EITI. for Policy Makers and Stakeholders.

EITI_business-guide-may-2013 (1) EITI_Implementing EITI for Impact_Handbook for Policy Makers and Stakeholders

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