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The Enough Project fights to end genocide and crimes against humanity, focused on areas where some of the world’s worst atrocities occur. It was established in the USA in 2006 by a small group of concerned policy-makers and activists.

Enough Project’s activities are organised around analysis, advocacy and activism: they do their own research on the ground, engage in policy work in the USA as well as on an international level, and mobilise the American public to demand change.


Enough Project is mainly involved in African conflict countries.

For an overview over their campaigns see here.

For an overview over the countries they are engaged in see here.

Publications and Policy Briefs

Enough Project publishes a series of reports, news and policy briefs on the countries in which they are engaged in. Recent publications can be viewed here.

The Democratic Republic of Congo is a focus country. Following reports on the trade with conflict minerals as well as on peace efforts have been published recently:

The Impact of Dodd-Frank and Conflict Minerals Reforms on Eastern Congo’s War (2014)Enough Project - The Impact of Dodd-Frank and Conflict Minerals Reforms on Eastern Congo’s Conflict 10June2014

Just four years after enactment of historic Dodd-Frank “conflict minerals” legislation, a new investigative report by the Enough Project identifies early signs of success. Surprisingly, many lucrative mines in eastern Congo are no longer controlled by violent armed groups responsible for mass atrocities, rape, and grave violations of human rights.







Enough_InternationalKeystoPeaceinCongoFeingold, Robinson, Kobler, and Dos Santos: International Keys to Peace in Congo (2014)

The foundation for a viable, comprehensive peace process for the deadly war in the Democratic Republic of the Congo is finally starting to emerge. A new Enough Project report analyzes the changing dynamics of Congo’s peace process and outlines steps ahead for building momentumfor peace in Congo.







Enough_InterruptingtheSilence_AddressingCongosSexualViolenceCrisiswithintheGreatLakesRegionalPeaceProcessInterrupting the Silence: Addressing Congo’s Sexual Violence Crisis within the Great Lakes Regional Peace Process (2014)

This policy paper sets Congo’s sexual violence crisis within the context of the conflict, clarifying the links between sexual violence and the economic and political drivers of the war. It also aims to show how policymakers can integrate tools to end sexual violence into the peace process to end the use of sexual violence as a weapon of war and mitigate its destructive legacies as Congo embarks on its path to peace.






Enough_JointINGOLetter_MONUSCOMandateRenewal_0Joint INGO Letter to the United Nations Security Council Renewal of MONUSCO Mandate (2014)

The extension of the mandate of the UN peacekeeping mission in Congo was up for renewal on April 1, 2014. Together with Oxfam, World Vision, and five other non-governmental organizations, the Enough Project published an open letter to the Security Council giving recommendations for MONUSCO on civilian protection, governance, and the peace process.







Enough_Crafting-Viable-DDR-Strategy-for-CongoCrafting a Viable DDR Strategy for Congo (2014)

This report argues that the implementation of a viable and effective national strategy on disarmament, demobilization, and reintegration (DDR) of ex-combatants of armed groups in eastern Congo is an urgent issue in the regional peace process for the Democratic Republic of Congo.