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GOXI was established in November 2013, and is designed as a space for exchange and collaboration for practitioners working in the extractive industries. GOXI is convened by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the World Bank Institute (WBI).

The purpose of GOXI is to:

  • discuss the big ideas;
  • share opinions and information;
  • connect with others actively working on the sector;
  • learn what is happening around the world;
  • Find jobs;
  • Announce and collaborate in initiatives.


On the website of GOXI as well as through social media members receive information on all sorts of events relating to improving the governance of the extractive industry world wide. Selected resources include:

Extractive Industries Initatives Database

On its website, GOXI also provides a database on initiatives relevant to the governance of the extractive industry. Please click here to access the database.

Contract Monitoring Road Map

Based on work of the World Bank Institute, GOXI also provides the virtual guide to monitoring contracts. This monitoring guide is mainly tailored for the extractive industry. Please click here to access the roadmap.


Blogs, Groups and Private Workgroups

Through the GOXI website, practitioners can communicate, inform and interact in a variety of ways. It is also possible to join a group on a specific topic, or set up a group that can be either public or private. See under this page.

How to join ?

Anyone can sign up to GOXI under the GOXI website. Click here to sign in.