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IPIS is an independent research institute based in Belgium devoted to peace and development in sub-Saharan Africa. Their core themes are arms trade, exploitation of natural resources, and business & human rights. IPIS also engages in capacity building and technical training for NGOs, governments and other stakeholders.

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Mining Map

Uniquely, IPIS has developed together with the Congolese mining cadastre (CAMI) an online map that monitors artisanal mining activities and the involvement of armed groups in the mineral exploitation and trade.

This map can be found hereafter.

It shows the location of approx. 800 mining sites and 85 trading centres, including information about armed groups presence and involvement, and the scale of the mining activity.


IPIS publishes regular reports on conflict minerals in the Great Lakes Region. Some recent publications include:

The EU Draft Law Initiatives en matière de ‘minerais de conflit’
on Conflict Minerals Due Diligence en RD Congo: perceptions des communautés minières
(IPIS Insight, April 2014) locales (IPIS Insight, November 2013)

IPIS 20140430_EUdraftlaw IPIS_minerais Congo 20131216_HU_FR