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Partnership Africa Canada (PAC) is a non-profit organization that undertakes investigative research, advocacy and policy dialogue on issues relating to conflict, natural resource governance and human rights in Africa.


PAC works on a number of other global initiatives aimed at regulating the trade of high value and conflict prone resources. PAC is currently helping the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region (ICGLR) in its efforts to create a tracking and certification scheme for four conflict prone minerals found in everyday tech gadgets like computers and cellphones. PAC is also active in the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI), hosting the Publish What You Pay-Canada coalition, both of which are aimed at promoting accountability and revenue transparency in the natural resource sector.

PAC is engaged in various activities related to natural resource governance. They organise their activities in following areas:


For the RINR and the ICGLR, the work of PAC done under the caption of “Conflict Minerals” is most pertinent. PAC works closely with the ICGLR on implementing parts of the RINR. They have four priority areas addressing the complex problems of conflict minerals:

  1. Supporting the ICGLR Regional Certification Mechanism for Conflict Minerals
  2. Creating Conflict-Free Supply Chains of Artisanally Produced Gold
  3. Supporting Regional Civil Society and Natural Resource Governance
  4. Women, Security and Natural Resource Governance


PAC publishes reports, briefing notes, technical notes and publications from their partners. Publications relevant for the implementation of the RINR can be found here.

Click on the pictures below to read some of the recent publications.

All that glitters is not Gold: Dubai, Congo Responsible Sourcing of Artisanal
and the Illicit Trade of Conflict Minerals Mining Gold in Eastern DRC:
(2014) Pilot Status and Planning (July 2013)

PAC_All That Glitters______________________________________Sourcing_Artisinal_Gold_DRC

________________________Taming the Resource Curse: Implementing
________________________the ICGLR Certification Mechanism
________________________for Conflict-prone Minerals
(March 2011)

________________________ PAC_Report_on_ICGLR_RCM-03-2011-eng