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The Extractive Industries Source Book provides free online training, directed principally at policy makers in resource–rich developing countries. It was funded by the World Bank Group and realised in partnership with a global consortium of universities, the civil society and the private sector.

The Extractive Industries Source Book highlights five key elements that are essential for the success of the extractive industry sector. These topics are:

  • Sector policy and law, contract and regulation
  • Sector organisation and administration
  • Fiscal design and revenue management
  • Transparency and accountability
  • Sustainability in the sense of environmental and social management.

Each of these five levers is crucial to making a success of extractive industry development. The reasons are provided in each chapter of the EI Source Book accompanied by illustrations from specific country contexts. Each one has an important governance dimension.

The EI Source Book has especially been designed for use by senior government officials and decision makers in parliaments, specialists and experts. It may also support national and international civil society members in providing relevant information.

To access the free online training and a wide range of materials, please consult the Extractive Industries Source Book here or click on the picture below.